Our story

Our Story

MyWeeklyGift is all about Family. it all started at 2012.My grandmother passed away, and my grandfather left behind, alone.

Being alone, with no one to talk to, left him with no excitement in his life.

Unfortunately, scam telematketing companies, got him. offered lots of “free” gifts if he only buy 1 item, and he payed them. for few years.

he got more and more low quality junk items, filling out the back rooms, we didn’t realized how bad was the problem, until we saw the credit card charges. Over 6,000$ monthly charges for the different companies. We were shocked!

I sat to talk with him and asked him, what makes him keep telling them yes, and order. after a short discussion i got it. it was the excitement!

Every week he went to the post office to get his packages, took them home, opened them, assembled and played with the products. Once the excitement was all over, pushed them all to the back room.

Talking with him made me think, what can i do, to keep the excitement, but lower the costs? Almost immediately i came up with the solution.

My grandfather loved gadgets. I started to send him weekly surprises by mail, small low cost gadgets and puzzles that will keep him busy. WOW – I couldn’t believe how big that would be. these little gifts got to be the centers of the entire family conversations!

He would get a small package in the mail, without knowing whats inside, opening, and playing with it for a while – just like any low quality electronics or bed sheets he would get before.

We were all amassed to see that these weekly gifts stopped completely the new orders and he would tell the telemarketing callers to stop calling.

My grandfather waited every week to the new exciting package in the mailbox.

We created MyWeeklyGift to keep the excitement in all of us! When was the last time you bought a small toy to your child? or maybe to your pet?

How much time you spend on choosing a gift, and who gonna remember it when it’s gonna be replaced by the receiver?

Imagine sending a weekly gift to your child \ grandchild, a gift that on a weekly basis remind him of you! and not only that – you will see how fast it will become a conversation topic!

I invite you to send your gifts, enjoy the excitement, and share your experiences and stories with us, and always remember – MyWeeklyGift is all about Family.

Sincerely yours, 

Shahar Albag